FRIDAY FIVE – 4/1/16.

Pink for Easter via @mkminnis_GHL

Hope you all had a wonderful week and are enjoying the beginning of Spring.  It’s just starting to show it’s face up here in the Chicago area, little blooms here and there are trying to peek out, I wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, and the air in the evenings has a warmer feel to it – it’s getting me crazy excited!

Five highlights from the past few weeks as well as some links and items you might want to check out!


ONE: Easter

Matt and I celebrated our first Easter alone together.  The day before, we had gone to Target with a budget of $40 each, split up, and got each other a bunch of stuff for our “Easter baskets” except we don’t actually have baskets so we just put it all on the floor hahaha.  After Mass, we exchanged “baskets”, ate donuts, took a nap, and then later I made us a really easy steak dinner (it was bomb!) and we lounged around some more.  It was so lazy aka it was perfect.

TWO: Weekend Trip to Dallas

A few weekends ago we headed down to the Big D and we had such a blast enjoying the warmer (though still a bit chilly) weather, trying out some new restaurants, and meeting up with friends.  It was a super quick trip but we had a great time!

THREE: Busy Season is Over!!!!

Middle of this week we filed the audit of the job I had been working on since the beginning of the year!  This means no more working weekends and back to 40 hour weeks – hallelujah!

FOUR: Added “Festival Favorites” to my Sidebar

In case you hadn’t noticed, a few weeks ago I added a new widget to my sidebar (right under my bio + picture) that I plan to change around from time to time.  It will be 10-15 items that are themed.  Previously it was “Spring Break Essentials” which had everything from the perfect day to night dress and a funny towel.  As festival season draws near, you’ll now find 15 items that would be perfect for the desert (or just Summer in general 😉 )  Be sure to check that out every once in a while since I will be changing it up frequently!

FIVE: Closet Purge

As I start thinking about transitioning out my Winter clothes and unpacking my Spring wardrobe, I’ve realized that I own too much stuff.  Sometimes I just see how much I have and feel guilty!  Does anyone else feel that way?  I am thinking of donating some stuff but since a TON of it is still in excellent condition I am thinking of doing an Instagram sale – so follow and stay tuned!


Favorite Recent Post: Inspiration for Spring Formal / Prom / Spring Weddings

Link to check out: Kelly in the City’s pregnancy announcement post + video – so sweet!

Song of the week: Make Me Like You by Gwen Stefani

Five more festival pieces that would be perfect for Summer…


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