FRIDAY FIVE – 4/15/16.

Downtown Chicago Loop via Gold-Hatted Lover

Woohoo it’s Friday!!!  Anyone else feel like this week just draaaaaged on and was never going to end?

To be honest, nothing much has happened the past two weeks haha.  These past few days have finally started to warm up but otherwise it’s been freezing cold and last weekend it snowed for three days straight.  Yes, it is the middle of April.  No lie I have diagnosed myself with late-onset SAD and it’s killing me.  I’ve been spending way too much time eatting cookies and watching movies haha (luckily I found a really good one, check it out below!)

Anyways, end rant.  Here are a few updates and recent highlights as well as a song I’ve been listening to nonstop…


ONE: Blog Break

You may have noticed that last week I only had one post and would go days without posting to social.  Or you may not have……..  haha.  After “busy season” at work wrapped up I just found myself so wiped.  It felt good to take a break and finally do “normal people” things like work out and cook dinner (though both will probably be short-lived if I’m being honest #lazyandproud)

The break led me to the realization that I shouldn’t post just for the sake of “having a post up” – from here on out you may not see posts every day (though I probably still will because I have so much to share haha!) but I want to make sure to focus on quality and not quantity.  I hope that each post is something you want to comment on and share and that they resonate with you.  Be sure to subscribe via Bloglovin’ so you don’t have to check back each day to see if there’s a new post.

TWO: Shop My Closet

The Spring cleaning bug has bit me and it has come to my attention that I own way too much stuff.  Totally guilty of hanging on to items “in case I need them” or simply because “I love(d) them”.  It seems like a waste to keep holding on to these items in my closet and so I am selling a bunch of stuff that I either love but it doesn’t fit me properly and so has never been worn or that I have loved dearly but need to part with – all for really cheap!  Head over to Instagram to shop my closet!

THREE: Finally Got My Hair Done

After rocking the poor girl ombre for far too long, I finally went in and got my hair touched up last weekend.  We went with balayage blonde highlights this time around because I want more of that “melt” look and while I like it, I don’t love it.  I don’t know if I am just super picky or if hairstylists just don’t ever do it right but I’m rarely 100% satisfied after getting my hair done, haha.  Anyone else feel me on this one??  But whatever, I’m leaving it and hoping it grows on me – no pun intended 😉

FOUR: The Best Pale Pink Nail Polish

As mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago, I have been searching forever for the perfect pale pink nail polish.  One that is pigmented but still light – sounds like an oxymoron I know but I knew it had to exist.  I thought I had found it when I discovered this OPI one but after applying realized it’s much brighter in person that it is in the bottle.  It’s still really pretty and I know I will love it with a tan in the Summer but it’s more “pink” than I was going for.  Then for Easter, Matt randomly picked this Essie one for me and I was astonished… it’s the PERFECT shade!  So if you’ve been searching, too, definitely give that Essie one a try.

FIVE: Kendra Scott’s New Summer Collection

Wednesday Kendra Scott launched her new Summer collection.  I always look forward to her launches because not only are the pieces always gorgeous, but I love seeing her inspiration behind the collections.  This season she was inspired by the French Riviera and just watching the promo video had me begging Matt for a trip ASAP haha!  It is seriously so beautiful, my favorite aspect is her re-imagination of pearl jewelry – see this necklace, these statement studs, and these earrings.  Also, how incredible is this new stone?!?!  I haven’t picked anything up yet but need to!  Do you have a favorite piece?


Favorite recent post: The absolute best Chloe handbag dupes – all under $150 each!

Song of the week: Into the Night by Carousel

Recent obsession: Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – watched this movie every single day last week, obsessed much?

Five recent purchases (sizing info below):

Swimsuit: Size up

Shorts: Size up

V-Neck Blouse: Size down

Peplum Top: Size down

Stripe Shirt: Just ordered this, it hasn’t arrived yet, but based on the measurements I went with my regular size


Have a great weekend! 🙂


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