Friday Five – 4/29/16.

Friday Five | Gold-Hatted Lover

Happy Friday!!!  Spring made it’s appearance hard core earlier this week and then promptly disappeared, so there’s that…  But otherwise, a pretty great week overall.  Hope it went quickly for all of you – I think we can agree that Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week!

Five highlights from the past week…


ONE: The Book of Mormon

Right after my love for Matt comes fireworks and right after that comes… musicals!  So you can imagine my excitement when Matt surprised me Monday with tickets to opening night of The Book of Mormon on Tuesday!

We both agreed that while it had some funny parts, overall… not that great.  Which is weird because the reason we wanted to go is because everyone has been raving about it the past few years and it’s won tons of awards!  It wasn’t the religious jokes that turned us off (most of them were actually tasteful, all things considered), I just am not in the camp that thinks use of the F word is funny.  It just sounds trashy to me.  And there was a lot of it haha!  But still so fun going though and glad we can say we saw it!

PS: Matt has a dry patch right below his lip (due to the aforementioned crazy weather) and does it not look like a soulpatch in that picture above?!  I would retouch it out but it’s so freaking funny, I can’t stop laughing!!! #badwife

TWO: Vintage Brooch

I’ve been trying to find an amazing vintage brooch for months and it seemed like the ever-elusive search until this past weekend.  We decided to stop by our local farmer’s market since we’d never been and found that while they had booths with produce, they also had tons of booths with jewelry, soap, etc.  Right when we walked in there was a lady selling hundreds of brooches and I found the most amazing one!  It actually looks eerily similar to one that Kendra Scott just released last week – but I got it for $11!  I’m pretty much obsessed with it and have been wearing it with nearly everything, Matt’s been starting to give me the “the brooch again?” look 😉

THREE: Sunny Sunday

The weather this past weekend was ideal, no better way to describe it.  We got in plenty of walks and even went and played catch.  Everyone was out on the quad, playing games, reading, and enjoying the sunshine and there I was playing catch in a bright yellow skirt, my Jacks, and the aforementioned vintage brooch.  Not to brag but it totally didn’t interfere with my skill – I have a pretty decent arm 😉

FOUR: Kentucky Derby

Pretty last minute but Matt and I decided that we are going to head out to Louisville next weekend for the Derby!  It’s only a 4 hour drive from where we currently live so we figured why not?!  I’ve decided to be fiscally responsible and wear an old dress (boring I know) but I desperately need a hat or fascinator and I am freaking out because they are either a) so expensive or b) take a month to ship!!!

Anyone else headed out for the races?

FIVE: I got glasses!!!

Well, they aren’t in just yet, I should be able to pick them up this weekend, but I did pick them out!

My vision isn’t absolute sh!t, but I do have a hard time seeing things far away (guess working on a computer 14 hours a day will do that to you, who knew?!) so I am excited to finally be able to see properly and plus, they’re pretty cute!  I’ll probably Tweet or Snap (I’m mkpecha there) a picture once I get them if you’re curious 🙂


Favorite post of the week: Pops of Red – that tank is my fave and only $30!

Song of the week: I’ll Be The Moon by Dierks Bentley and Maren Morris

Favorite new Instagram account: Bakedideas – her cookies look like works of art!

Don’t forget: Mother’s Day is next weekend!  I shared 25 gift ideas last week and also included a few in the sidebar on the right if you’re in need of ideas!

Five Derby dresses I had my eye on:


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