Friday Five – 5/13/16.

Kentucky Derby + Other Recent Highlights | Gold-Hatted Lover

Don’t you love weeks that are filled with events, get-togethers and travels?  All this week I kept telling myself, “If only every Monday was like this”, “If only every Wednesday was like this” etc… you get the picture.  After a few slow weeks, this past one was jam-packed and it was just what I needed!  Read on for a few of the highlights!


ONE: Kentucky Derby

Attending the Derby has been on my bucket list for quite some time – what’s not to love about pretty dresses, big hats, and men in seersucker? We had such a fun time hanging in the infield (which got a liiitttle crazy towards the end of the day aka a girl flashed everyone while on stage for the “Best Dressed” competition… yeah that happened haha!) and walking around the paddock watching the horses on their way to the track.

I have family in Louisville so that made the weekend even sweeter.  We spent our nights staying up late chatting with them, and my aunt even came to my rescue and let me borrow her fascinator which I think we can all agree made my outfit!

TWO: Tulip Time Festival

Monday after work, Matt and I hopped in the car and drove north to Holland, MI to check out the Tulip Time Festival.  Think tulips everywhere, Dutch dancers, people strolling the streets in Dutch costumes, and a carnival.  Not only that, but two of our friends from here at ND are from Holland so they showed us all around – it was so fun having local guides!  We grabbed dinner, walked along the beach, and drove all around their picture-perfect town all covered in tulips!

THREE: Cubs Game/Chicago Day

If you’ve never watched a game from the rooftops across the street from Wrigley, you need to!  As one of the events for Matt’s “grad week”, Wednesday his class rented out one of the rooftops and to say it exceeded my expectations would be an understatement.  (They used a company called Wrigley Rooftops, if you’re interested).  All you can eat, all you can drink, and a view that can’t be beat.

I took a half day and we made a really fun day of it, meeting up with everyone and touring around a few restaurants and bars, all of which were a blast.  Here is where we went, I highly recommend all of them:

  • Chicago Athletic Club – Directly across from Millennium Park, this old-school location includes a bar, coffee shop, library-style study space, bocce ball, pool tables, shuffleboard and more.  Would be a perfect place to kill an hour or two when it’s cold or rainy out!  Has the feel of a members-only club but the second floor where all this is located is open to the public!
  • Cindy’s Rooftop – Located at the top floor of the Chicago Athletic Club, Cindy’s boasts incredible views of Millennium Park, the Bean, and Lake Michigan.  Truly can’t beat this view!  The aesthetic of the space is incredible, the food and drinks looked really great, and the balcony is really large and also houses a fire pit.
  • Old Crow Smokehouse – Located just down the street from the stadium in Wrigleyville, this bar was humongous and a great place to grab a drink or a bite to eat before a game.  The main part of the restaurant has a glass ceiling so it is super bright and the ambiance is amazing, plus there is a huge rooftop over the other half of the space, complete with heat lamps and a fire pit.  Would be such a great spot in the Summer before a game.

FOUR: Girls Night

Few things beat a dinner out with some of the sweetest girls, especially if it’s Taco Tuesday, am I right?  We had been meaning to make it happen for months – nothing like graduation week and an impending move to put some fire under us to make it happen!

FIVE: White Dress and Swimsuits 

As mentioned in my most recent What I Want Wednesday, as Summer nears, I can’t help but want all the Summer essentials.  Case in point: my most recent purchases have been this one piece swimsuit, this bikini top and bottom, and this little white dress.  The dress hasn’t arrived yet but I have high hopes, and the suits are amazing!  Sadly it seems that my favorite swimwear company is going out of business 🙁  but on the bright side it means that everything is on crazy sale!!!

My favorite red one-piece suit that I paid $120+ for is on sale for less than $45 and also comes in coralpurple, and blue.


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