October Playlist – 10 Songs to Play on Repeat.

October Playlist

There’s something about music that can completely transform your mood – above just being enjoyable, a truly good song will make you feel something.  Whether that be heightening a feeling because you relate so strongly, getting you excited when you’re feeling lazy, reminding you of a way you felt in the past and transporting you back in time, or making you feel something you’ve never actually experienced.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved music and been weirdly drawn to song lyrics, writing down favorites and committing them to memory.  Fun fact: in college me and one of my best friends used to take turns and send each other one song lyric each day and then we would add the song to a playlist – by the time we stopped the tradition we had the most legit 200 song playlist!

For the past few years, as each new month rolls around I’ve started a new monthly playlist on Spotify.  This month I figured, why not take my absolute favorites of those and share them with you?  Consider it a condensed version of my monthly playlist, with only the top 10 songs that I would want to listen to over and over – absolutely nothing I would want to “skip”.

Tell me: is this something you’d be interested in as a monthly series??

Feel free to pin that photo above to Pinterest to reference back to, and listen to all of the songs below or subscribe to the playlist on Spotify.


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