July Playlist – 10 Songs to Listen to This Month.

July Playlist - 10 Songs to Listen to This Month

Growing up it always felt like Summer dragged by until the Fourth of July and then after that it was over in the blink of an eye!  Anyone else feel that way?  Anyways, I am thankful that now we live in Dallas and Summer here is really more like the surface of the sun and Fall is what most people experience as Summer – so it’s almost like Summer is only just beginning!

Anyways, I’ve got another playlist for you guys today.  Per usual it is a mix of new and old and I definitely had to throw a few country tunes in there because I always find myself listening to it more in the Summer months (where my fellow country-lovers at?!).

Truthfully I’ve kind of been in a music rut lately.  I feel like I’m not finding as much good stuff as I was a few months ago and everything on the radio is just annoying me at this point.  So please please please share your recent favorites or any artists you love in the comments so I can check them out!


July Playlist

Dare Me – Hotel Apache

Might Not Like Me – Brynn Elliott

Let the Night Fall – Dragonette

Take Her Place – Don Diablo ft. ARIZONA

Everything We Touch – Say Lou Lou

Wall – James Droll

Lost City – Brett

Broken – lovelytheband

Don’t – Darius Rucker

Stranger to Myself – Dierks Bentley

Past playlists:

October (two years ago)











What are you listening to this month?


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