The Best Shoes for Travel.

The Best Shoes for Travel

My biggest beef with “travel shoes” is that they look like travel shoes. Most often people recommend Nikes but then it looks like you’re ready to hit the gym while strolling into European cathedrals – count me out. I would rather suffer through the pain of walking miles in lace-up oxfords.

That all changed one day when I finally bit the bullet on these Frye sneakers. I had my eye on them for two years before finally caving and they have been worth every penny.

In my experience, these are the all-in-one, hands-down, best shoes for travel.

The Best Shoes for Travel

I’ll get straight to the point and tell you a few reasons why these are so amazing:

They are simple. You would be surprised how difficult it is to find plain white street sneakers with no logos, bells, or whistles. My husband was slightly horrified when I told him how much these shoes cost because they don’t look like anything special (but that’s the beauty of them). So I challenged him to start paying attention and that if he could find anything that fit that criteria I would admit defeat; it became a fun little game. Ultimately he conceded that I was right – no surprise there.

They go with everything. Jeans, dresses, skirts, sweats – I’ve worn them with everything and they always look fantastic.

The Best Shoes for Travel

They are so comfortable. This is to be expected from Frye since they pride themselves on using the best materials and highest standards of craftsmanship but I cannot stress enough how comfortable they are. No “break-in” period necessary. In fact, you don’t even have to wear socks with them because the inside feels like butter. I still wear these no-show socks because I’m afraid of stinky shoes, they feel like a cloud on your feet. There is no part of them that bends funky and nothing that rubs. Even after walking 12 miles a day all over cities in Europe, my feet aren’t bothered at all!

They are lightweight. We do A LOT of walking when we travel, so a lightweight shoe is key. I’ve had Pumas before that did the job but were significantly heavier.

They are insanely flattering. I am convinced there is magic sewn into the seams. Whatever those designers are getting paid, they need a raise because they got it just right. Despite the flat bottom, they manage to elongate your legs and don’t look clunky in the slightest.

They are classic. No need to worry about being embarassed when you look back on pictures years from now. The simple, streamlined design is absolutely timeless.

The Best Shoes for Travel

To really understand the beauty of these shoes I honestly think you have to try them on. My recommendation would be to order from Nordstrom (hello free shipping and free returns!) so that you can feel them for yourself and see them in person while trying them on with everything in your closet. As I mentioned before, I know full well that they don’t look that special, so a try-on session is key.

As far as sizing goes, they fit true to size. They should fit snugly when you first purchase since they do stretch some as they mold to your feet.

These shoes are certainly an investment, but one I think is well worth making. If you are going to shell out $$$ on a trip you want to make sure you get the most out of it. The last thing you want to do is end up complaining and missing out on activities because your feet hurt. The way I see it, these shoes are a small price to pay when looking at the big picture.

The Best Shoes for Travel

However, if they are simply out of your budget, I do also love my Adidas Sambas. I used to wear those exclusively when we traveled and I loved them. The downside is that the design is much sportier so they are not as versatile, though the all-white colorway is pretty slick!

The Best Shoes for Travel

If ordering the Sambas, be careful that you don’t buy the ones with the huge tongue (the indoor soccer shoe style) and that you pay attention to men’s vs. women’s sizing. They are unisex but you will want to ensure that you are ordering the correct size.

The Best Shoes for Travel


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