Florida’s Best Hidden Gem is 30A.

A Guide to 30A, Florida's Hidden Gem

Have you ever heard of 30A? Until we moved to Texas, I had not! When we first moved, Matt and I both kept hearing people reference “30A”; from co-workers chatting in the breakroom to bumper stickers on cars driving around Dallas. We were at a loss of what “30A” even was until we finally Googled it. Turns out it is a place; short for “Highway 30A”, 30A is a scenic roadway along Florida’s panhandle between Destin and Panama City, home to several charming beach towns!

Where is 30A?

After those initial Google image searches, it was on our travel wishlist! White sand beaches, bright blue water, adorable seaside towns – it looked idyllic.

Two years later we finally visited this Spring and I’m here to tell you, it is, in fact, perfection.

Even further, while we generally don’t re-visit places we travel to, we both agreed that this is a place we hope to come back to over and over again in the future.

While we were only there a weekend (we by all means didn’t get a chance to see and do everything), I had some requests to share what we did and what I recommend, as a few of you are already planning trips. Below is essentially a compilation of everything we had researched and considered doing or eating (even if we didn’t have a chance to) as well as some general notes about the area.

Spring Style White Dress Alys Beach 30A Florida

Part of what makes 30A so great is that it appeals to so many. Family vacations, romantic getaways, girl’s trip – there is something for everyone and no one has to sacrifice!

If you’ve never heard of 30A, you need to put it on your list, and if you’re currently planning a trip, I hope this helps you prepare for your trip and gets you extra excited!

Towns of 30A

The three most notable towns are: Seaside, Alys Beach, and Rosemary Beach. These are master planned communities so they each have a unique and distinct feel that makes them special!

Seaside: If Vineyard Vines did a collaboration with Disneyland, it would be Seaside. Think white picket fences and candy colored homes.

A Guide to Seaside 30A, Florida's Hidden Gem

Alys Beach: While this community is still largely under construction, it is dreamy! With its all-white stucco buildings, Alys Beach is posh! Has a more “adults-only” feel to it than the others.

Rosemary Beach: Think colonial Caribbean with an upscale twist and trees covering a maze of wooden boardwalks between the homes. My favorite of the three!

Colonial Caribbean Style Home Rosemary Beach 30A Florida

Other towns on 30A:

Grayton Beach




And a few more I’m not thinking of!

Spring Style White Dress Alys Beach 30A Florida

How to Get There

Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS) + 1 hour drive

Pensacola (PNS) + 1.5 hour drive

Tallahassee (TLH) + 2 hour drive

New Orleans (MSY) + 4.5 hour drive; this is a good option if you have more time and want to do both places on one trip. This is what we did!

A Guide to Rosemary Beach 30A, Best Beach in Florida

Where to Stay

Your best bet is an Airbnb. A lot of them are crazy expensive because they are intended for families or large groups (check out this one in the heart of Seaside with an indoor pool and 4th floor tower overlooking the beach – yes please!). However, with some digging you’ll find some reasonable gems like this one or this one that’s a total steal. This one or this one look amazing for a large group.

What to Do

Bike ride, walk or run on the trail between the towns

Hang out at the beach, swim in the ocean, paddleboard

Outdoor activities like tennis, swimming, croquet or bocce ball

Boating, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking

Movie nights and live music at The Hub in Watersound

Relax, read a book, take it easy!

A Guide to Rosemary Beach 30A, Florida's Hidden Gem

Where to Eat and Drink

Amavida – coffee right on the Seaside square

Black Bear Bread Co – coffeeshop also serving up pastries, breakfast, and lunch

Five Daughter’s Bakery – two words: stuffed cronuts

Five Daughters Bakery Seaside 30A Florida Maple Glaze

Charlie’s Donuts – food truck serving up classic donuts and frozen yogurt

Seaside Farmer’s Market – Saturday mornings, this is less of a farmer’s market and more like gourmet tented food stalls

Southside Slice – really good pizza! Order for pickup and take it to the beach for a sunset picnic

Sunset at Rosemary Beach 30A Florida

Cowgirl Kitchen – multiple locations serving up fresh seafood in a casual setting

Shrimp Shack – casual spot for seafood

Great Southern Cafe – go for happy hour of oysters and mojitos – they have tons of flavors to choose from and if you don’t finish it, you can take it in a to-go cup!

Seagrove Village Market – casual spot great for lunch

Bud and Alley’s – one of the most infamous restaurants in 30A, it seems like everyone recommends this one

Pescado – bar and restaurant with the most incredible view over Rosemary Beach. Arrive early if you want a seat with a view and keep in mind: no kids allowed

Sunset at Pescado Best Rooftop Bar in Rosemary Beach 30A Florida

Cafe Thirty-A – another one of the classics that lots of people recommend

Caliza – perfect for an upscale date night in Alys Beach

Havana Beach Rooftop Lounge at The Pearl – grab a drink atop this infamous Rosemary Beach hotel

Downtown Rosemary Beach 30A, Florida's Hidden Gem

George’s – looks really cozy with its string lights, great for a nice dinner in a comfortable atmosphere

The Meltdown – food truck in Seaside specializing in all sorts of grilled cheese sandwiches

The Red Bar – a late-night spot that is supposedly a 30A institution


The sand is sooooo soft – like unreal soft. I was wearing sneakers one of the days we were there and at the end of the day I took of my shoes and sand poured out. I had no idea I even had sand in my shoes because it is so fine! A stark contrast to beaches on the west coast.

This is very much a vacation spot, so if you are wanting a trip with a lot of culture and an “authentic, local feel”, this isn’t going to be the best fit. But, if you’re looking to kick back and relax in the most beautiful setting, 30A is ideal!

A Guide to Seaside 30A, Florida's Hidden Gem

The whole area is pretty contained and easy to get around, so don’t stress too much over which town you stay in; you can easily take a bike ride from town to town or drive (though traffic is common since it’s just a two-lane highway.

So while I do recommend staying in a house in one of the towns mentioned above, if you would prefer to stay in a hotel in Destin, you certainly could. It will make going to 30A more of a “day trip” rather than waking up and being right there, but it is an option.

We were worried it would be too far, so even though we could have stayed for free with Marriott points in Destin, we paid to stay at a random hotel in between there and Seaside. Once we started driving around we realized that staying in Destin would have only added about 10 or 15 minutes to our drive and would have been totally do-able.

I am not 100% clear on this, but it seems the area is also sometimes referred to as “Santa Rosa Beach”. Santa Rosa Beach is the beach on the north side of Highway 30A, so the beaches are on the bay rather than on the ocean, and isn’t directly on the coast like the towns I mentioned above. However, if you hear people talk about that, or see Airbnbs saying they are located in “Santa Rosa, Florida”, they are likely talking about the same general area.

Spring Style in Seaside 30A, Best Beach in Florida

Lastly, there seemed to be a “type” of person who vacationed on 30A: white, middle to upper class, Southern families. Truthfully it was a little unnerving being in a place where everyone looked just like me. While there is no reason that you shouldn’t go if you are not all three of those things, I don’t want anyone to be shocked when they arrive. That said, everyone was so kind and friendly, from restaurant workers to fellow visitors!


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