Everyone in Europe is Wearing These Shoes.

Everyone in Europe is Wearing these Shoes: Adidas Continental 80

If you are coming here from my Instagram Story, this is the pair I ended up buying. It’s the only place I could find this colorway fully stocked and bonus: they’re 50% off! As a note, be sure to order one FULL size down as they run very large. Just trust me on this one. I tried a half size down and they were still too big.

When we were recently in Europe, everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – was wearing these Adidas.

They were so prevalent that I felt like I had to write a post so y’all can get. on. it. because we all know that Europe is constantly ten steps ahead of the US when it comes to things of sartorial matter.

Funny enough I had seen them at Nordstrom a few weeks before our trip and considered buying them (you can’t beat that classic retro vibe), but decided that I already own enough white sneakers and passed. Dang it, I would have fit in so well!

They come in a multitude of colorways, all of which are super tempting. Matt and I made a game of pointing out people in new colors while out and about in Amsterdam. “Look, that girl’s are pink!” “Oh, that guy’s are an off-white!” “Hers are holographic!”

Probably my favorite that I saw were white with a cobalt blue and teal stripe (of course I now can’t find them for sale online but these are them). This girl was wearing them with a simple pair of high-waisted jeans and white tee and she looked so effortless walking into the train station. However, if I was going to purchase, I would most likely go with the ever-classic navy and red. Very Americana.

But then again the navy, mint, and pink pair would make a great statement… Actually they are currently 50% off (!!!) so I ordered! Will keep y’all updated!

The style is also offered for men and kids/babies so the whole fam can be matching! Update: I just ordered the classic navy and red for Joe (the Adidas site had them on sale for $23 so I just asked Nordstrom for a price adjustment!

For Some Inspiration

For some inspiration, check out this Pinterest image, this one of Hailey Baldwin Bieber, wait here she is again, this girl on Instagram looking very Parisian chic, this girl who is giving me Brigitte Bardot vibes, and this adorable family all matching!

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