My Top Purchases of 2019.

Top Purchases of 2019

Last week my sister texted us in our family group chat “Your hands down favorite purchase of 2019, GO!”  It was so fun hearing everyone’s favorites and got me thinking of mine.  I’ve listed the one I responded to the group as #1 below, but also rounded up some others in categories of clothing, clean beauty, fitness, food, and accessories – because they all deserved to be mentioned. 


White Eyelet ASOS Dress

Heck, I loved this dress so much I dedicated an entire blog post to it.  And last month I ordered another one in case God forbid something ever happen to it; backup for peace of mind. 

To me the best part about it is that there is no styling required. Just toss on any kind of shoe (flats, sandals, sneakers, they all work great) and accessorize with a headband or hat if you please, but that’s only if you wanna go the extra mile. Otherwise you’re ready to head out the door in 2.5 seconds.

In addition, it is so big and wide that it somehow feels flattering, doesn’t touch your body which is key on humid days, and also doesn’t require a bra. It’s the perfect dress.

Top Purchases of 2019 | ASOS DESIGN tiered trapeze mini dress in broderie

ASOS White Shirtdress

The perfect little white shirtdress because it is an outfit all on its own but can also be styled so many other ways: belted, cardigan, sweater over top, cowboy boots, flats, sneakers, you get the idea.

It fits true to size and I don’t find it to be see-through (but if you’re nervous you can certainly wear a slip underneath).

Top Purchases of 2019 | ASOS DESIGN cotton mini shirt dress

& Other Stories Linen Tee

This Summer we found ourselves in Amsterdam during a “historic heat wave” and our suitcases were not prepared for that so one day we ended up shopping. I had never shopped & Other Stories before and was pleasantly surprised! The selection was really special, prices reasonable, and the quality very good.

Let me just say that I am very particular about t-shirts; the body needs to be loose enough to not stick to my stomach ever but not so loose that it looks sloppy, it needs to be long enough to front tuck but short enough for the option to wear untucked, and the sleeves need to be long enough (none of those sleeves that cut upwards). This one fits the bill PERFECTLY and the linen was so nice all Summer long.

*Do not put it in the dryer* Found that out the hard way and had to search Google for “how to unshrink a shirt”.

Top Purchases of 2019 | & Other Stories Crewneck Linen Tee

Sam Edelman Linen Loafers

The Summer shoe purchase I didn’t know I needed. Even though I now work in an office that allows sandals – for years I worked in environments where that was not the case, not “professional” enough – for the most part I still try to wear close-toed shoes even in the warmer months. These loafers were the ideal candidate. This style comes in tons of colors that would work year-round, but I loved this linen that feels very Summer-y.

Top Purchases of 2019 | Sam Edelman Lorainne Loafers

Lululemon Align Joggers

They’re just so comfortable! I wear these joggers on walks around the neighborhood and running errands but they are particularly fantastic for travel.

Top Purchases of 2019 | Lululemon Align Joggers

-Clean Beauty-

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

Okay to be completely honest, I like the Tan-Luxe drops 5% better, but the Isle of Paradise ones are cheaper and cleaner so I feel more comfortable slathering them all over my body. Not only is the color really nice (I use shade Medium) but I thoroughly appreciate how simple these tanning drops are to apply and the fact that I don’t have to leave on for 8 hours, sleep in them, ruin my sheets, and then wash them off (you know the process). Just apply with moisturizer in the morning and have bronzed gams by lunch!

Native Body Wash

The search for a fantastic clean body wash is over! These ones from Native are easily accessible, being available at Target and Walmart but I prefer to shop directly via their site because they offer free shipping and have a “build your pack” option and tons of scents that aren’t available in store. Plus, one of my favorite bloggers has a code for 20% off so they come out to around $5 a bottle which is the same as a bottle of Caress! (The code is KATEY20).

Top Purchases of 2019 | Native Body Wash

Kosas Cream Blush / Highlight Duo

So simple to apply, a little goes a long way, and the shade duo “8th Muse” is so beautiful and I think would look great on any skin tone; it gives the prettiest glow. I thoroughly appreciate that the compact is so easy to travel with and that I don’t have to worry about it shattering – I am clumsy and that always happens with my pressed blushes!

Lipstick Queen Mornin’ Sunshine

You already know my love for color-changing lipsticks. Lipstick Queen can do no wrong in my book! I almost exclusively wore this shade all Summer long; it’s the perfect melon shade that looked delightful with slightly tanned skin and brightened up my face in a natural way.

Top Purchases of 2019 | Lipstick Queen Mornin' Sunshine

Lawless Seal the Deal Setting Powder

This talc-free setting powder is the best I’ve ever used, and that includes conventional ones! I went with the classic translucent.


Lululemon Breeze By Long Sleeve Squad Tee

Call me crazy but I prefer to workout in long sleeve tops. This one is ideal because it is perforated throughout, providing that coverage I like while being super breathable and preventing overheating.

Top Purchases of 2019 | Lululemon Breeze By Long Sleeve Squad Tee

Apple AirPods

GAME. CHANGER. They’re definitely a luxury and not a necessity, but I can’t stress how much simpler they are than cord headphones. Plus, not having to have my phone on my body when working out is such a Godsend. Years ago I had one of those arm bands but never got a new one when I upgraded to a larger phone so I would have to stick my phone in my waistband, but then ab exercises were hard, ugh you know the drill.

Also, not fitness related, but AirPods with babies, can we just talk about it? Any time I had my old headphones in, Joe would grab at them and they’d constantly be falling out, or if I needed to get him out of his carseat it was this obstacle course of maneuvering around my headphones – it was just a pain. So yeah, AirPods for moms!


I was intruiged when I heard the founder Stephen Pasterino on this podcast way back in 2018 but I’ll be honest, it was after seeing a thousand Instagram influencers posting about it that I finally bit the bullet. I decided to give P.volve a try during one of their sales and I’ve been hooked ever since.

On days that I don’t go to a spin class, I love having these workouts handy that I can stream from my own home. It’s especially nice for those with kids or anyone who already has busy mornings making it hard to get out of the house for a workout class!

The workouts are challenging but you won’t find any HIIT exercises, no jumping around, no massive sweat session. Instead you’ll find functional exercises focused on lengthening the body and strengthening it for everyday activities.

Top Purchases of 2019 | P.volve Workout Program


Slip Silk Sleep Mask

For years I saw this sleep mask and thought “who in their right mind would ever spend that kind of money on a freaking sleep mask?!” but then I bought myself one with my Neimans discount (RIP) and I was a changed woman.

I’ve owned many a sleep mask in my day and none come close to comparing to this one. The strap is tight enough without creasing your hair, the silk is so luxurious and great for the skin around your eyes, and it blocks out all light so that a nap at noon feels the same as bedtime at 10 pm (I have the black so perhaps that gives an extra dark effect). I swear by it now.


This snazzy contraption turns any phone case into a handy dandy loopy case! The best part is that it lays completely flat so it slides into pockets and purses seamlessly. An absolute necessity if you have a larger phone!

If you’re a Shark Tank fan like me, it was featured on the show and Daymond John called it his “favorite product of all time”. So don’t just take my word for it!

Top Purchases of 2019 | LoveHandle Phone Strap

Second Ear Piercing

Just because I love it! I’d wanted it for a few years and never went through with it because… well I don’t really know why. So finally on St. Patrick’s Day when we found ourselves strolling around Deep Ellum, I popped into a tattoo parlor and 30 minutes later I had a second piercing!

Shashi Earrings

I originally got these huggies thinking they’d be cute for my second piercing and they are but I actually most frequently wear them in my first hole – with these in the second – but I love how simple they are while still having some character. I wear this combo almost every day.

Top Purchases of 2019 | Shashi Katerina Huggies Earrings

Brixton Hat in Grey

I need this hat in every color and every fabric. Brixton nailed it with the Joanna hat – the brim is perfectly wide, the fit is fantastic, and the price is just right. I have the OG straw color and adore it so when I saw this grey color I had to have it. It was extremely hard to track down so I was pumped when I was able to snag it in my size.

*I found more sizes here but I’ve personally never shopped this site*

**Also can we take a moment to appreciate naked Joe?!**

Top Purchases of 2019 | Brixton Joanna Hat in Grey

Billie Razor

After hearing every blogger and their dog rave about the Billie razor, I decided to give it a shot. Even if the shave wasn’t as good as they claimed, I figured it was worth it for the convenience of it showing up to my door and the fact that it is cheaper than the drugstore ones I was buying.

The first two weeks, I’ll admit I didn’t notice any drastic results, but after that something changed and I noticed that I could go another day or two between shaves just like those bloggers had promised! I was sold.

Do be careful though because I have nicked myself shaving multiple times since switching to the Billie razor! A testament to how sharp these blades are and the close shave they give.

Sincerely Jules x Scünci Headband

It’s embarassing how often I wear this headband but I have no shame. It’s got a little bit of that Lele Sadoughi vibe but it’s $10. I’m super picky about headbands and this one is so comfortable! Zero headaches whatsoever.

Top Purchases of 2019 | Sincerely Jules by Scünci Satin Turban Headband

Honey + Hank Pillows

When I discovered this brand on Instagram, it was love at first like. When I discovered that the designer and owner was based in Dallas, it was a little cherry on top!

The “designs with a wink” are so clever – the patterns represent certain states and the images within are made up of tiny versions of that state! You’ve just got to see it to believe it.

So I was sold on the designs, but then I received the Texas Bluebonnet pillows and was pleasantly blown away by the quality and comfort. You know how sometimes expensive, pretty things aren’t comfy, they’re only for looks? Not these! They are little works of art but fully functional – the perfect finishing touch to any room and a nod back to our beloved Texas.

*Full disclosure these were gifted to me by the brand but my oh my I would buy them with my own money and have already purchased from the brand as gifts for loved ones!*

Top Purchases of 2019 | Honey + Hank Texas Bluebonnets Pillows


Smart Sweets

The high fiber candy that took Instagram by storm! It’s hard to beleive that a candy with only 3 grams of sugar and 80 calories for a whole bag can be so delicious, but I assure you they are! My favorites are the Peach Rings that are tangy and chewy and oh so delicious (they’re nothing like those peachie o’s from our youth) but the Sweet Fish are a close second.

Top Purchases of 2019 | Smart Sweets Candy

Hu Kitchen Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate

I’m sensing a theme that I like expensive sweets but the ingredient list is so clean (and dairy-free!) and one or two squares do the trick so again, I can make one bar last a week. I always wait for it to go on sale at Whole Foods because I refuse to pay $7 for a chocolate bar, but when I do score it, this flavor is my go-to. The crunch comes from puffed quinoa so it’s healthy.

*This flavor was previously called “Vanilla Quinoa Qrispy” but was recently renamed.*

Jeni’s Ice Cream

The ice cream obsession Matt wishes I’d never discovered. At nearly $10 a pint, Jeni’s is certainly a special treat, so I would secretly order it from Foxtrot and savor it for a week or two like a crazy person. My two favorites are the Gooey Butter Cake and Brambleberry Crisp. My mouth is watering as I type.

Top Purchases of 2019 | Jeni's Ice Cream is the obsession I wish I'd never discovered - if you're tried it, you know!

GoMacro Bars

My love for bars runs deep and this was my pick of the year. If you’re looking for low-carb, this is not the one for you as it is macro-balanced (think ~ 50% carbs, 30% fat, 20% protein) but the ingredients are super clean and they are so tasty and filling. They are a perfect breakfast on the go if I am running late. My favorites are the dark chocolate almond, mocha chocolate chip, and peanut butter chocolate chip.

Did you have any standout purchases from 2019? I’d love to hear!


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