The Book That Changed My Life.

How WomanCode by Alisa Vitti Changed by Life for the Better (no, BEST!)

If you are struggling trying to conceive or are planning to start trying soon and want to increase your chances of success, I have to let you in on my secret. 

If you know me in real life then you’ve already had to hear me rave about this ad nauseum, but I truly credit my pregnancy to this and my passion for it is borne out of sheer gratitude.

The Secret to How I Got Pregnant

The secret?  The book WomanCode by Alisa Vitti.  I cannot sing it’s praises highly enough because it truly worked.  Naturally!  We were just about to start on medications per the infertility specialist’s recommendation (not ideal as I’m not a huge fan of medication – I try to avoid it whenever possible) when I decided to pick up this book.  A blogger I follow had posted about it a few times and I always thought it sounded interesting but figured it would probably be very involved and require a lot of work on my end (sidenote: I’m naturally lazy) so I never bought it.  Finally I got to a point where I was desperate and I would try anything!  Plus, I had a hunch that my problem was hormone-related so I figured it was worth a shot.

Why You Should Read It

Picking up the book was the best decision I could have made because I found myself pleasantly surprised by a few things:

  1. The book is evidence-based and scientifically sound, but written in plain English so that even accountants like me can understand and follow.  After finishing the book you will feel much more knowledgeable about your female body which is extremely empowering.
  2. While the author does advise a more intense “protocol”, there are many easy steps that can be incorporated right off the bat.  I started with the easy stuff, figuring I could try the full protocol if I didn’t see improvements but started seeing results almost immediately!
  3. It worked!  Within a mere three months, we found out were were pregnant again after miscarriage and my skin had cleared about 90% (this was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise!)

I have since recommended the book to many people and have been overjoyed to hear their success stories.  One friend used it to help clear her skin, one used it to correct her cycle, and another friend used it to get pregnant. Then, those people told other people and now I have the pleasure of hearing their success stories, too!

Changes I Implemented for Better Hormone Balance

To illustrate, some of the easy changes I made were as follows:

  • increased my fiber intake
  • switched to natural deodorant (I swear by this one! Update: they saw how much I truly LOVE this deodorant and gave me a code! Use code MK for 10% off your first order of anything on the site)
  • swapped out my skincare and beauty products for non-toxic options (see this video for some of my favorites)
  • simplified my skincare routine (I was one of those ten-step girls.  I just love products!  But I think it was overwhelming my skin)
  • worked out regularly, nothing super strenuous, but getting in the habit of moving more
  • regulated my blood sugar by eating throughout the day (the women in my family have very sensitive blood sugar levels so this one was big!)
  • made sure I was getting enough sleep and managing stress

Nothing ground-breaking and yet within just a few weeks I felt significantly better, happier, and healthier, and like I said, within a few months I was pregnant!

Even if you aren’t trying to get pregnant, if you just want to feel better in your body and understand more about your unique female make-up, I highly recommend WomanCode.  It’s a super quick but entirely worthwhile read.

As the post title says, it’s the book that changed my life.


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