A Small Business to Support Right Now.

A Small Business to Support Right Now.

During these uncertain times, now is the time to support small businesses more than ever. Every time you place an order from a local restaurant for pickup or place an online order from an boutique you love, you help to ensure that the business will still be around when all this is over.

The sad truth is that many of these small businesses might not survive this global pandemic and the chaos that has ensued. They still have fixed costs but currently no income from daily visitors. Not only that, they have their own personal bills to pay and employees they are responsible for who now can’t provide for their own families.

Wow, that was a SAD intro. But my point is: if you are able – and I know not everyone is able in this situation due to the above – but if you are, small businesses would be so appreciative of your orders during this time.

With that I want to introduce you to one of my very FAVORITE small businesses… Honey + Hank. If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life then you already know about Honey + Hank because I am obsessed and talk about my love for their products on the reg. I’ve been meaning to introduce the brand here on the blog for over 6 months but somehow hadn’t until now.

They describe their brand as “design with a wink” and “a story with every stitch” and those two phrases are SPOT ON! They create pillows and cloth napkins that are beautiful from afar, but if you look closely, they each have a hidden design – so clever. For example, I have throw pillows that look to be Texas bluebonnets and up close you’ll find that the bluebonnets are made up of little state of Texases! I also have cloth napkins that look to be coral and up close those coral are made up of mini state of Californias!

A small business to support right now... Honey + Hank makes the most beautiful throw pillows and cloth napkins with hidden designs sure to put a smile on your face!

Besides the Stateside Collection, Honey + Hank also has a Nursery Rhyme Collection. Once we figure out the design for baby girl’s nursery, I will be buying one of the lumbar pillows for the glider to make late night feeds just a touch more comfortable. Can you even with the “Apples and Bananas” design? Or the “Down by the Bay” with those little watermelons?!

Not only is everything they do utterly whimsical but they luxurious and of the highest quality. And lest you worry that “high quality” equates to scratchy or one of those things you only look at but don’t actually get to enjoy, rest assured that the fabric is incredibly soft and the pillows are perfectly plush. I don’t know how they do it, but Honey + Hank has nailed every aspect of what they do.

Not only that, but the founder and designer Jenny is an absolute doll and every purchase you make supports her and her little family all while putting a smile on your face every time you see your new pillows or napkins.

Whether you’ve a) recently moved and want to take a piece of your old home with you, b) left home years ago but always carry it in your heart, c) have a state you always think of as your “happy place”, or d) just have a ton of pride for where you live, check out the Stateside Collection to see if they have yours listed. If not, click on “don’t see yours?” here and tell them what state you wish they’d design! Personally, I’m hoping to see some Kansas designs at some point as well as more Californias (I really want the poppy napkins in a white with pink/orange)!

Also, if you have a friend who has recently moved or is expecting a little one, these would make an excellent and heartfelt gift. I know I would be so touched to receive one of these designs!

A small business to support right now... Honey + Hank makes the most beautiful throw pillows and cloth napkins with hidden designs sure to put a smile on your face!

Lastly, I understand that the pillows are an investment. They are one I think is 100% worth it, but I get it. So if you can’t make that happen but still want to take a piece of Honey + Hank home with you, I highly recommend adding some of the napkins to your cart. At just $40 for a pack of 4 they are a much more attainable price point and I promise you’ll never want to go back to paper napkins. Plus, there are more designs available in the napkins than in the pillows. Like these New York apples – so good. And these Maine lobsters – I’ve never even been to Maine but I want them.

I’ve also considered framing the napkins. IDK if that would actually be cute (?) but I’m tempted to try. Kinda like how people frame Hermes scarves, but with a napkin instead haha! What do we think? Clever or crazy?!

I digress… now go browse Honey + Hank and prepare to fall in love.

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