The Sleep Mask So Nice, I Bought it Twice.

Slip Silk Sleep Mask Review - Is It Worth It?

You’ve likely seen it at some point on the Internet, and if you’re anything like me you probably scoffed and mumbled something along the lines of “Who in their right mind would ever spend that kind of money on a freaking sleep mask?!”

And you wouldn’t be wrong; it is, in fact, an absurd amount of money considering what it is. And yet, I’ve now bought it twice – it’s that good.

Some backstory (because no, I did not buy it twice by choice): even though we traveled so much these past few years, I never brought it with me. I had an old one that wasn’t anywhere close to as good that I kept in my suitcase because I feared ever losing my beloved along the way. I think you know where this is headed…

How I Ended Up with Two

Well, last June Matt and I jetted off to Amsterdam and Belgium together for a week while Joey enjoyed “Gramps Camp” and I figured it was such a long trip I would probably really want my favorite eye mask. At one point during my packing I held it up in front of Matt and implored of him: “Do NOT let me forget this at any point of our trip!” Plus, I’m a responsible individual and surely won’t lose it, right?!

Not entirely wrong.

Here’s what happened: on the very last morning (it would be), we went out for one final walk before heading to the airport. While we were out – and nowhere near our hotel, mind you – we realized we were behind schedule and needed to book it to the hotel ASAP! We hadn’t even packed!

Matt immediately started sprinting to get a head start and I followed behind as quickly as I could. By the time I got back, he had us completely packed up and the taxi was waiting outside (the guy works quickly). We threw it all in and sped off to Amsterdam Schipol.

While we were in the car I turned to him “You remembered my sleep mask, right?” Y’all, I am serious about my love for this thing! “Yeah, I’m sure I did MK, but that is the least of my worries, we might miss our flight!” Priorities.

Spoiler alert: he DID NOT remember my sleep mask. It must have been buried in the blankets of the bed he surely did not re-make as he was rushing to get us out of there.

And so, that is the long and very detailed story of how I ended up buying this $50 sleep mask a SECOND time. Because spending an absurd amount of money once wasn’t enough.

But guess what? No regrets! I’ve slept so soundly with the replacement every single night since and to me that is 100% worth it.

Why It is so Great

I’ve owned many a sleep mask in my day and none come close to comparing to this one. Here is a little Slip silk sleep mask review aka a few reasons why it comes out on top:

  1. The strap is tight enough to stay put without creasing your hair.
  2. The silk is so luxurious and gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes.
  3. You hardly even feel it on, it is so smooth and satin-soft (it’s the patented Slipsilk™ that was 10 years in the making!).
  4. It blocks out all light so that a nap at noon feels the same as bedtime at 10 pm (essential for those “nap when they nap” newborn days). I have the black so perhaps that gives an extra dark effect.
  5. It helps turn off my brain and put me in “sleep” mode so I am less distracted and my mind doesn’t race as long.
  6. It is pure silk, inside and out, and the dyes are all non-toxic!

If you’re looking to treat yourself or one of the ladies in your life, the Slip silk sleep mask is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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