friday favorites.

friday favorites.
now that i am a working woman, friday might just be my favorite day of the week!  don’t get me wrong i am happy to have a job, but there are few things better than weekends spent with my husband and friends and enjoying that time off. 
speaking of favorites, here are some other favorites of the week:
i desperately want to dislike this song because of the video and basically just who sings it but i cannot help it!
this outfit from fashion week by one of my favorite bloggers. i love that it is a little adventurous but totally wearable.
the sunrise over downtown kc this morning. really wishing i had gotten a picture because it was amazing.
national flags made from the foods the countries are known for.
long lunches.
meeting so many nice people during my first week of work.
still listening to david nail after seeing him in concert last week. he is definitely underrated; he was so good!

hope everyone has a good weekend!

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