friday favorites + great news!

friday favorites + great news!
last night after celebrating passing my exam!
well i found out last night that I PASSED MY CPA EXAM!!!  no more studying until midnight after a full day of work or on the weekends for this girl.  i could not be more excited to finally get started on the list that i had going of “things to do when i am done with my cpa exam” 🙂
this week was again super busy but somehow i guess i found time to search the internet a lot? at least that is what it seems like since i have a laundry list of great links to share with you today! 
-this guy live-tweeted a breakup he witnessed on his roof and i’m serious when i say it is GOLD.
how not to quit your job: i do not know how i forgot to share this last week because it is over-the-top ridiculous and hilarious but in the past week the crazy has had an interview with yahoo about the email that she sent to her co-workers announcing that she was leaving the firm which is equally great. enjoy and remember, this is NOT the way to quit your job, especially if you’ve only known the people three days which was her case (i met “team member #3” and got the inside scoop!)
-this article of historical events if they had happened on instagram makes history seem so entertaining. 
-this little girl got confused about the words to lorde’s song “royals” and it is so funny.  hey girl, it happens to the best of us.
-speaking of that song, lorde said in an interview that although it is clearly not a song about baseball, she was in fact inspired by none other than our kansas city royals!
-i have definitely been asked at least 14 of these 21 things people ask if you are from california.  just comes with the territory i guess.
-anytime my husband and i are near a bookstore, we almost always pop in (nerd alert).  i certainly would not mind spending some time in any of these 10 inspiring bookstores around the world.
i am relieved that after today my (first) busy season is officially behind me and i am looking forward to meeting up with a bunch of my girl friends from college tonight; 15 of us together should not be overwhelming should it?!
hope everyone has a great weekend!

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