study break.

study break.
happy monday; i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  
unfortunately the bulk of the last few weekends have looked like this for me…

which brings me to today’s announcement:
i will be taking a break from the blog for the next few days as i finish studying for my cpa exam.  working in public accounting, it is so important to pass this professional exam and become a certified public accountant.  the test consists of four exams, ranging from 3-4.5 hours each and weeks or months of studying.  i started studying in february and have passed the first three and am going in to take the fourth (and hopefully last) part this wednesday.  
as much as i hate to leave this blog alone for a few days, i know this is really a time i should be focusing all my efforts on last minute studying so please bear with me!
i will be back on thursday and hopefully from there on out will have more time to devote to this blog i enjoy so much!
wish me luck; prayers are definitely appreciated!
st. joseph, pray for us!


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