photo diary: new york city.

bundled and ready for flight // manhattan from the sky // rockefeller tree
my favorite view from under the brooklyn bridge // crazy cool night skies // rose main reading room

the corner from “friends” // my first time seeing the flatiron // my hunk of a travel partner

i must pledge allegiance to in-n-out, but shake shack was amazing // dvf in meatpacking 

another favorite: walking along the water in lower manhattan // amazing sangria

“i never writ, nor no man ever loved.” // ice skaters in central park // walking around the reservoir

central park // macy’s // bloomie’s window displays (second best, after henri bendels “ice holidays”)

yellow cabs // the rockette’s christmas spectacular // radio city music hall

i love new york!
after a successful trip to new york city, my husband and i are currently outside washington, dc ready to celebrate christmas with my family.  we decided we had to make a pit stop on our way here because we just love that city so much and plus, it was our six month anniversary on sunday so we had to celebrate that 😉
though our feet are happy to have a rest we thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend in new york city and agreed it was over too quickly.  we have both been a few times before but i am telling you, that city never loses its charm!  we walked miles upon miles over the three days we were there and saw so much.  i plan to share some more about the trip later on in the week but for now, here is my photo diary!
to any of you that live in new york: i envy you (more than) a teensy bit!
hope you all have a wonderful christmas eve; i do not know how your family celebrates, but we do mass and presents tonight so i am very excited!  

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