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happy friday!
this is the best friday in a while for me because yesterday we wrapped up a huge job at work so we all took the day off to relax and celebrate!  here is to starting my weekend early!


one: i do not know if everyone else enjoys work trainings as much as i do, but a few days off of work, amazing food, great weather, fabulous facilities and a chance to meet people from all over the country is pretty fun in my eyes.
two: re-discovering old favorite songs.  this week’s shuffle included some parachute, keith anderson and bryan adams.
three: work training is great for bonding with my start class, but i also love getting to meet a few new people.  it is fun knowing people who live in other parts of the country, which is actually one of the reasons i love blogging so much!
four: a neighborhood here in kansas city hosted a new event this year called porchfest where houses signed up to have artists come play on their porches, so over the weekend we walked the blocks listening to the bands play. it was such a cool event, i hope they do it again next year!
five: this weekend matt and i celebrate our first wedding anniversary so i spent the week looking through photos from our big day.  those will always bring a big smile to my face as i remember the anticipation and excitement of becoming husband and wife!


“be the brightest in the bunch.”
-lilly pulitzer


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