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i think i speak for all of us when i say it, god bless short work weeks.  hoping this quick one treated you well!
one: our weekend in arkansas was so much fun that i definitely hope to make another trip down there soon.  i won’t bore you with the details again, so if you have not already, go read my recap here.
two: i hinted at something special in this instagram so now i will tell you what it was all about: last week i got a message from our wedding photographer that she was hosting a workshop for other photographers to practice taking sparkler exit pictures and she was in need of models.  after some pretty-pleasing i got matt to agree 😉  it was so fun to get dolled up and put on my dress again and i hope to be sharing a few pictures soon!
three: new pants that fit like a glove.  i mean, we all know that it is a rarity so when it does happen it is a glorious moment.  mine: the mya coated denim by articles of society.
four: i seriously need a lifestyle change because i go to bed way too late (never before midnight) and i need to start going to bed earlier but i will say that i love staying up late talking to matt 🙂
five: seeing the royals in first place has been really fun.  if you did not know, they have been in the world’s longest drought since 1985, having not made a playoff game since then.  not kidding, the next longest draughts are only about 12 years or so!  we got to go to two games recently with really great seats and it was a blast seeing the park so excited and of course winning never gets old!

“every year the women of new york leave behind the past and look forward to the future,
this is known as fashion week.”
carrie, sex and the city

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