maybe it was just me, but this week seemed to drag on!  yesterday i thought it was already friday, which is never a fun realization.  so cheers to the weekend!

one: first of all, thank you all so much for your well wishes on my one year blog birthday.  i still cannot believe that i have been blogging that long!  you all make it well worth all the work, so thank you again for all your support!
two: after weeks of great weather, all of a sudden this week, bam! freezing cold.  while i will never say that i am happy to see the warm weather go, i took advantage of the cooler weather and made cookies, brought out the extra blankets, read in bed every day, and finally brought out my black riding boots that i bought during the nordstrom anniversary sale.
three: speaking of reading.  i recently started the book “me before you” after it was recommended by a friend and it is so good!  i have been putting off so many other things (aka working out) so that i could snuggle up in bed early each night and read for an hour or so.
four: last weekend we met up with friends down at the west bottoms to do some antique shopping and go to dinner.  i had never really been to the area and fell in love with it. sure, i have heard stories that it is not safe, but the old brick buildings and cobblestone streets reminded me of new york and i loved it.  plus, i picked up a mirrored vanity tray for my perfumes for a mere $10!  i have been looking for one for a year now and never found one so i was really pleased.
five: sometimes my husband surprises me and does secretly really sweet things.  the other day i came home from work to flowers and a little sign celebrating my blog birthday and then he suggested we go out for dinner.  mid-week date nights are always the best and it was so sweet of him to do something special for me for my blog birthday since he knew how much it meant to me.

“trust in the lord with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding.”
-proverbs 3:5

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