Well after last week’s news that my family is moving away from California, I have some news myself: Matt and I are moving!  We have known about this move for quite some time but didn’t have all the details worked out so I was hesitant to share.  Well, we still don’t have all the details worked out but seeing as we are moving tomorrow, I thought it was about time to share!

Matt got into the MBA program at the University of Notre Dame and we are really excited about it.  We have LOVED our time here in Kansas City and will always feel this is our home in some way, and who knows, maybe we will be back after he graduates, but at this point, we are open to whatever afterwards.  
I have wanted to move for a while, I just feel that my chapter here is over and I am ready to start an adventure somewhere new to both of us that truly feels like “ours” and not me just joining his life.  I know that I have had friends here in Kansas City so that wasn’t completely how I felt, but definitely a part of me did.  It’s where he grew up, he lived here with friends for two years while I was still in school, his family is close to here, you get the picture.  
I always told him that my preferred places to move would be a) New York, b) abroad, or c) somewhere warmer.  Well instead we chose the booming metropolis of South Bend, Indiana, which I hear gets some splendid lake effect snow haha!
As for the move itself, I am currently at a work training and so Matt gets to be a saint and pack up the entire apartment himself and load it all into the U-Haul.  We have a wedding to attend in St. Louis tomorrow night, so I am actually flying to St. Louis, meeting him there, and then we will continue the drive together Saturday.  Crazy, right?  I am pretty sure he is going to hold that one over my head for years to come 😉  Then I will keep flying back to KC for the first few weeks to finish out work on a client project before transferring up to the South Bend area more permanently.  Honestly, that will be kind of nice to be able to see friends still for the first few weeks and get to live with my best friend and her husband (lucky him!)  Definitely going to use those last few weeks to really soak up my time in KC before really leaving!
All that being said, I really wanted to get some pictures around Kansas City to memorialize our time here.  It’s been such a fun city where we both started our careers, deepened friendships, got our first apartment together, found our “favorite places”, cheered on our teams, all that jazz (pun intended 😉  These pictures were taken by a darling girl, Mika of Jaded Photography, I met just recently (why does that always happen that you meet tons of amazing people and discover cool places and restaurants right before moving?!) and she did a wonderful job of making us both feel comfortable even though the weather was less than stellar (read:  humid and pouring rain).  Even Matt liked her and he hates taking pictures!  If you are looking to have family photos taken, portraits, weddings, engagements, Mika does it all and I highly recommend, promise you will love her!
I had a hard time narrowing it down, so read on for more pictures! 🙂


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