Though this week included some rough spots – a horrible case of food poisoning and a bike accident that landed me in urgent care for a tetanus shot (I can’t even tell you because it should have been so minor and was so stupidly embarassing) – overall, a great week!  My schedule is finally slowing down for a few weeks and the weather has been absolutely perfect all week, so I have been trying to take advantage, though I will admit it takes training after being used to being inside working all day, haha!
We have a bunch of Matt’s friends coming into town this weekend for the game.  We are super excited to see them and be hosts, but wish me luck as I put up with four guys in this tiny apartment 😉

ONE: Finished one of the best books I have read in a while!  It was one of those can’t-put-it-down-stay-in-on-a-Friday-night kind of reads, not that I did that or anything 😉  The Good Girl by Mary Kubica, go pick it up!
TWO: Last weekend was yet another perfect gameday weekend.  Matt’s brother was in town, I was able to get off work, the weather was an absolutely heavenly (75 and sunny) and we won!  Plus, I got to be one of the people who did the touchdown pushups!  I wish we had gotten it on video but please watch this one if you don’t know what I am talking about.  So much fun!
THREE: Finally got a few picture frames filled that hang in our kitchen.  Literally took ten minutes and yet I’ve been putting it off, so it feels really good to have it done.  Until now they’ve been filled with stars and moons straight up three-year old bathroom style.  Nothing like visitors coming to put a fire under you! 😉
FOUR: Witnessed one of the prettiest sunsets this week on one of our evening bike rides.  As we passed the dome we were greeted by this gorgeous gold, pink, and blue sunset over it.  I literally stopped my bike and got in line behind another girl to get a picture, haha!
FIVE: One night instead of getting in bed and or playing around on our computers, Matt and I headed down to the coffee shop under our apartment and spent the hour chatting about life after graduation over warm lattes (well, a cold beer in his case haha).  It was extra sweet because it was Matt’s idea.  Sometimes he surprises me!
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Obsession of the week: Snap Pea Crisps
Song of the week: Halls by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (Lead singer of Jack’s Mannequin)

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