The Best Stuart Weitzman Over-the-Knee Boot Dupes (Under $100!)

The Best Stuart Weitzman Over-the-Knee Boot Dupes (Under $100!)

Are the Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots on your “lust list”? Yeah I bet they are. If that’s the case then boy oh boy do I have good news for you!

After years of owning and loving my pair of OTK boots from Amazon, I decided to take the plunge and invest in the real deal Stuart Weitzmans and guess what? I returned them! My Amazon pair is just as good if not actually better! And best of all, they are a fraction of the cost, coming in at under $100!

I was honestly shocked that they were so comparable. A part of me was disappointed that the Stuart Weitzmans weren’t drastically better (like every blogger makes it seem) but at the same time I was overjoyed because that meant I could keep the extra money – haha!

Since they truly are so comparable, I want to highlight the main similarities and differences between the two to help you decide if you still want to go for the SWs or if you want to try the Amazon pair instead.

The Best Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boot Dupes (They're Under $100 via Amazon!)

Main Similarities

Fabric – While the SWs are real suede, the faux suede of the Amazon pair is almost identical. It feels very luxe! Plus, with some suede spray you can wear them out in the weather without fear of ruin. (I wouldn’t recommend wearing them if it is straight up nasty out, but if you’re out and it starts to drizzle, you’ll 100% be okay).

Design – Absolutely identical, down to every stitch.

Height – Again, exactly the same.

Wear – Both fall down just a little bit during wear, but nothing too substantial.

–>This is the main reason I returned the Stuart Weitzman pair. I had no qualms with my Amazon pair for the first two years – they were identical, super comfortable, easy to style, and stayed up so well. Only during the third year did I start to notice them falling a bit (pretty good considering the price and how often I wore them!) Every blogger I follow said that the Stuart Weitzmans “don’t fall at all!” and so I decided that if that was the case, I would invest in them.

However, I am here to tell you that in my experience, they *do* fall. Not too much or anything, but the same as the Amazon pair. Since that was the reason I purchased them, they were returned. I could not justify the purchase since the cheaper pair was so similar.

Main Differences

Stretch – While both have some stretch to them making them very comfortable around your leg, the SWs are much looser compared to the Amazon pair. Granted this does mean that the Amazon pair take a bit more work to get off and on but to me.  On the plus side, they feel more secure when on.

Sole – The soles look identical, but the Amazon pair feels a bit more rubbery and cushy which I much prefer. The SW pair felt a bit hard and thin, as if I could feel the ground through the shoe.

Elastic back – An awesome addition to the Amazon pair in my opinion! There is a small piece of black elastic at the back in addition to the ties that helps the boots stay up. The SW pair simply has ties.

Slip grip around leg opening – Another amazing addition to the Amazon pair!  There is a slip grip around the leg opening which helps them stick to your leg or pants to keep them up!

Weight – The SW pair is lighter than the Amazon pair. This is one aspect where I preferred the SWs! However, it is likely due to the difference in the soles and since I prefer the feel of the Amazon soles, I will happily take a bit more weight.

The Best Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boot Dupes (They're Under $100 via Amazon!)

So would I recommend the Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots? Yes and no.

If you prefer real suede over faux, or if prefer supporting the original designers of something rather than purchasing a dupe, then the Stuart Weitzmans would be a worthy investment for you. The style is so flattering, incredibly easy to style, and great for cold weather!

However, if you’re looking for the best value for your money, the Amazon pair is the way to go. They come in both a flat version and high heeled version and each style comes in various colors. I own the flat pair in both grey and black and found them to fit true to size.

You can see all the ways I’ve worn my Amazon OTK boots here.

When making a big purchase, I really try to do my research so I hope this review has been helpful to you in deciding between splurging or saving!


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