FRIDAY FIVE – 11/20/15.

FRIDAY FIVE – 11/20/15.
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It hit me just this past weekend that Thanksgiving is next week!  I thought this was the year I was going to be on top of all my Christmas shopping… So I think I know what I am going to be doing this weekend!  Hey, at least I have my Thanksgiving outfit all picked out 😉  
I am excited because next week is going to be “holiday week” here on the blog, sharing outfit inspiration for all your upcoming events, so be sure to pop in!
Read on for some highlights from this past week…


ONE: Our last home football game here at Notre Dame, so bittersweet!  This has been such a fun season going to all the home games, sitting (well standing actually) in the student section, and cheering on the Fighting Irish.  We had the best time at our last game and even joined in on the marshmallow madness 😉
TWO: I cooked this week!!!  This is huge since I used to enjoy it but somehow regressed and became one of those girls that sets off the fire alarm every time she cooks.  Well on Sunday I decided to try my hand at one of my mom’s specialties.  I felt like a real life wife!  However… I didn’t read the whole recipe and overlooked the part that said “cover, simmer 1 hour”.  So while it was an easy recipe, let’s just say we were starving by the time it was done.
THREE: Got the boots I had my eye on for weeks on sale for over half off!!! Ever since I borrowed my MIL’s boots worn in this post, I had my heart set on a pair of brown riding boots.  Well I found the pair I loved but didn’t want to pay that money.  Well by some fluke I checked the Macy’s site earlier this week and they were marked down 50% for a limited time so you bet I snatched them!  
* I just looked and they are still marked down until tomorrow for any of you wanting a pair, I honestly prefer Michael Kors to Tory Burch, I find them much more comfortable and same great quality.  $150 for designer riding boots is unheard of.
FOUR: Sometimes it’s the little things in life like when your chocolate chip cookies come out absolutely perfect: crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.  One night this week I was craving some cookies and lucked out with a perfect batch.
FIVE: My sister is in town!  She just arrived last night for a conference here on campus and we got to see her shortly after she arrived.  Looking forward to spending more time with her this weekend!
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