FRIDAY FIVE – 12/11/15.

FRIDAY FIVE – 12/11/15.
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Everyone says how they are so busy during the holiday season, and I knew I felt busy but it wasn’t until I went to write today’s post that I realized I haven’t done one of these in three weeks!!!  Yikes.  They have been some fun weeks over here packed full of travels, snowstorms, and holiday celebrations, so read on for the recap of five highlights from the past few weeks.

ONE: While overall the weather has been really mild so far this year (it’s supposed to be 60 this weekend!), a few weeks ago we got a HUMUNGOUS snow storm!  I’m talking constant snow for an entire 24 hours, an entire foot of powder, and some people in the town over even lost power!  It was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever laid eyes upon.  Matt and I bundled up and took plenty of winter walks all around campus which were so much fun.  Plus, my little sister happened to be in town that weekend so we had a blast celebrating the first snowfall with her.
TWO: Thanksgiving with my family.  I haven’t celebrated with my family in over 6 years (!) and it was much more intimate than in year’s past since some of my siblings are married now and weren’t there, but it was so much fun getting to do “Pecha family traditions” again like my favorite caesar salad, apple pie (because I think pumpkin is disgusting), watching Elf after we finish our meal, and putting up the tree the next day. 
THREE: Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Matt and I celebrated five years of dating.  Our anniversary is the day after Thanksgiving which always seems really fitting since I am most thankful for him 🙂
FOUR: Last weekend, Matt and I flew down to Dallas for a quick weekend trip and had such a great time.  We’d each been once before but just quickly and we didn’t get to tour around much so we had a blast checking out all the neighborhoods and districts, eating tons of good food, and enjoying the amazing 65 degree weather.  Thank you all for the recommendations on Instagram, we were able to do a few but we are thinking of planning another trip down there early next year so I am hopeful we will get to them all!
FIVE: Every year since we’ve been married, my grandparents always send us a beautiful wreath in place of presents and it’s a delivery I always look forward to.  It’s something I would never go get myself, and since we have yet to ever get a tree (maybe next year!) it kind of takes the place of that.  It smells amazing and looks so festive!
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Song of the week: Break on Me by Keith Urban
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