FRIDAY FIVE – 1/22/16.

The Bean at Millenium Park at Sunset

Yip yip, it’s Friday!  This week I kept feeling one day ahead, yesterday I woke up and legitimately thought it was Friday, womp womp womp…

It’s been a busy one since it is “busy season” at work aka 12+ hour days every day but I am grateful that I get to work from home most days so at least I can work in my sweatpants!  Despite the long hours, there are still so many things both big or small that make the weeks great, sharing this week’s five below.


ONE: Last weekend it snowed constantly and gave us yet another excuse to do nothing and not feel guilty about it.  I am kind of loving these snowy weekends we keep having!  So much Gossip Girl happening over here! (Yes, I am just now watching the series – way late to the party.)

TWO: I spent Monday in Chicago for work and as I was leaving to catch the train back, I had a few minutes and stopped by my favorite landmark: THE BEAN!  It had been a while since my last visit and I’ve never been in the evening before and it was stunning as the sun was setting.

THREE: My new blog design!  I’ve been considering the move over to WordPress and with that, a brand new look for the blog.  I still have some fixes to make like linking things so that the drop down menus populate properly, but so far I am loving it.  Let me know if you notice anything else that needs fixing, or your favorite feature – I would love to hear!

FOUR: I’ve been obsessed with facemasks and deep moisturizing treatments lately and my winter skin has been thanking me.  My recent favorites have been this pore cleansing mask, this face + neck oil, this moisturizer, and this micro-exfoliating face wash.

FIVE: The new Kendra Scott Spring Collection launched this week and (I know I say this every time but…) I think it may be the best one yet!  The muted colors are so stunning and I love the glamorous look.  I have something on it’s way to me already and can’t wait to show you what it is!  Some of my favorites…


Favorite Post from the Week: “New Design”

Link to Check Out: 8 Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day via Brighton the Day

Recent Obsession: Trip van der Bilt from Gossip Girl – can you say most underrated character and perfect hair?!

Song of the Week: “YOUTH” by Troye Sivan

“If we are too eager to have everything, we will almost certainly miss the one thing we need.” – Thomas Merton


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