FRIDAY FIVE- 2/19/16.

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Even though I didn’t have Monday off, it still felt like a really quick week over here!  I hope that you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day weekend with people you love and that you got to celebrate with an extra day off on Monday!

The beginning of this week started as most days these past few weeks have started in South Bend: snowing. every. day.  I swear I didn’t know a place could snow so much!  However, the past two days it has been sunny, relatively warm (aka 35 degrees, ha!), and the snow has been melting away.  Now I am not crazy enough to think that was the last of the snow but it sure did get me excited for Spring!!!

Some highlights from the week…


ONE: A wonderfully casual Valentine’s Day.  It was nice that for the most part it felt like a regular day – made me really grateful to be with such a sweet and incredible man.

TWO: Came home from a few days in Chicago to check the mail and found a Nordstrom Note and a Valentine’s Day card from my dad!  Pretty much made my day!

THREE: After nearly two months of planning with two of my blog friends, we finally launched a new series called “Styled Coast to Coast” which was really exciting!  If you missed it, check out yesterday’s post for all the details of this fun monthly collaborative series and be sure to follow me on Instagram to enter to win a $150 gift card to Taudrey!

FOUR: Gray Malin announced yesterday that he is releasing his first book in May, titled “BEACHES”. He’s been one of my favorite photographers for years (I have a weird obsession with aerial views) so you better believe I’ve pre-ordered that baby and can’t wait for it to arrive!

FIVE: Sort of on a whim we decided to go back to Kansas City next weekend for our alma mater’s Scholarship Ball.  It’s always one of our favorite nights of the year and after much begging from Matt’s parents and friends asking if we were coming back for it, we decided to book tickets!


Favorite Post from the Week: DITTO Review + A Free Month for You

Link to Check Out: @thegoldiegrams on Instagram – if you’re in need of a good laugh!

Song of the Week: Grizzly Bear by Angus & Julia Stone

Obsession of the Week: Watching old numbers from Dancing with the Stars

“Come on let’s make this dream that’s barely half awake come true.” – Matt Nathanson



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