FRIDAY FIVE – 4/22/16.

Positano, Italy | Gold-Hatted Lover

Woot woot, finally Friday!  This week went by crazy slow for me but I can’t complain because I think it’s because we had such a fun and jam packed weekend – could be worse right?!  I hope you all had a wonderful week and have something fun planned for the week, even if it’s just a walk with a friend or listening to music and painting your nails 🙂

Highlights from the past week…



Last Saturday night was Matt’s MBA program’s Prom and let’s just say we had way too much fun!  There’s nothing quite like getting dressed up, cramming 50 people into a small apartment for the pregame, and dancing the night away at a venue overlooking the river!  I wish I had pictures to share, but I woke up to only one picture on my phone and it was blurry 🙁

TWO: 80 Degrees

We were blessed with the most amazing weather all weekend and into the week that necessitated hour long walks every night.  All the greenery around campus is finally starting to come back, flowers are beginning to bloom, and everyone (literally I think every undergrad) is out and about studying on the quads or out for runs.  Makes me so happppppy!

THREE: Blue v. Gold Spring Game

Saturday was the football Spring scrimmage game and it was an absolute blast!  Like I said, we got super lucky with the weather so we were able to tailgate in the morning before heading into the game.  It was so special being back in the stadium one last time!  Plus, for the first half, Matt and I sat in some random seats and ended up right in front of these three men (probably around 60) who knew literally EVERYTHING about every player – it was hilarious and so impressive!!!

Matt’s jaw was just on the ground because they knew these stats for even the players who are new this year, where they went to high school, how they did at camp, the rumors about how they will do this year, I mean everything.  It definitely helped me pay attention because I was so informed haha!  I wish I had recorded them just so you could hear them!

FOUR: Giveaway with James Jeans

I won’t ramble since I talked all about my love for James Jeans in yesterday’s post, but I’ve teamed up with two of my blogger babes for the next part of our “Styled Coast to Coast” series and we are giving away a pair of jeans – winner’s choice!!  The giveaway is happening over on Instagram and ends Sunday night.

FIVE: Missing Study Abroad

Every year around this time I find myself missing Europe something fierce since this time four years ago I was living in Florence and then two years ago we went back for a week this same time of year.  Well, then Snapchat had to go and add that “Study Abroad” story and Wednesday night I found myself pulling out my old MacBook scrolling through my abroad albums hahaa.  I told Matt we have to go back because back then I wasn’t that good at photography and I need new pictures since my old ones aren’t that good (though I did take that one above and it turned out well!)  Seems reasonable right? 😉


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Song of the Week: Wasted Time by Keith Urban

Five Pajamas I Really Want (because let’s be honest one of my best skills is how long I can sleep):


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