October Playlist – 10 Songs to Listen to This Month.

October Playlist - 10 Songs to Listen to This Month

There has to be some scientific correlation with temperatures dropping and Spotify play count rising.  I swear as the days get colder, my desire to lay on the couch with a good playlist on loop goes through the roof.  Anyone else in this boat too?

Thankfully, there are so many good songs out right now and I’ve curated this October playlist with a ton of recent favorites as well as some old ones that I come back to year after year.  I hope these songs help you get through the month, wherever you are.


October Playlist

Verona – Lostboycrow

We Won’t Sleep – Handsome Ghost

11 Blocks – Wrabel

All On Me – Devin Dawson

Leave Right Now – Thomas Rhett

warm blood – Messyhair Remix – Flor

Turn It Around – neutral.

Bolder – Anna Dellaria

Overtime – Tyler Hilton

Catch & Release – Matt Simons

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