November Playlist – 10 Songs to Listen to This Month.

November Playlist - 10 Songs to Listen to This Month

Has Fall arrived where you live?  Can’t say that it’s hit Dallas just yet (though it never really does).  Lately it’s been close to 80 degrees and before that it was unusually wet.  I don’t think we saw the sun for 14 days.  That said, last month held two trips for weddings that gave me that Fall fix.

First up was Kansas City for my little sister’s wedding where baby Joe got to meet my entire family which was so special!  Then this past weekend I spent my first weekend away from the baby while the boys had some dad/son time at home while I flew to California for the wedding of one of my best friends from high school.

It was my first time home home during the Fall since high school and I was taken aback at how gorgeous Sonoma and Napa are this time of year.  The temperature was a perfect 75, sun was shining, and the trees and vineyards were all changing colors.  Picture vines of mixed reds, yellows, and greens!  I assume it was always like that and I simply didn’t notice because I took it for granted but wow.  Just wow.

It’s a running joke about how I walk everywhere because I hate driving which is 100% true… except when I am home.  Sonoma is the one place I don’t mind being behind the wheel because the scenery is so beautiful!  I roll down the windows, crank the music up really loud, and wind over the hills covered in vines – dreamy!


November Playlist

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