The $25 Gucci Belt Dupe You Need.

The $25 Gucci Belt Dupe You NEED

Here’s the thing: I’m not generally a big “dupe” person when it comes to things with logos. It just seems kinda tacky to rip off a logo. I also would typically prefer to buy something with a similar style than an exact (read: fake) copy.

However, in this case I went against my own rules because the logo *is* the item but it’s so stupid expensive that I can’t possibly rationalize the purchase. Enter the Gucci belt dupe.

**Update: some of you were able to order belts on Thursday, however as of Friday the listing is gone! I’m going to keep an eye on it to see if it is restocked, but in the meantime the best I could find were this one and this one (I literally researched for an hour). They are the only ones on Amazon that appear to be the correct width and are Prime eligible with free returns. So they are at least worth a shot!**

The $25 Gucci Belt Dupe You NEED

I had my eye out for a good dupe when I saw my friend Amy Ann post an Instagram with what appeared to be a new Gucci belt. She owns an authentic one with the thinner band so I didn’t even question it. Plus it looked identical!

Well, as it turns out, the one in her picture was a dupe! And even better, it’s on Amazon!

I immediately purchased (even though I was mega pregnant and certainly not wearing any belts at that point) and have been so pleased!

What makes it special is that the design is a statement so it completes an outfit; it elevates even the most simple looks.

Depending on what size you purchase, it works as both a hip belt and a waist belt – more bang for your (twenty) bucks!

The main differences I’ve noticed between the real and the dupe

  • The latching mechanism must be different because the excess of the Gucci belt lays on top like a typical belt, while the excess of this one feeds under. Honestly, I prefer it this way because it looks more sleek since you don’t see the end dangling.
  • The color of the Gs is a brighter gold on the dupe; the real Gucci belt is more muted which is prettier in my opinion (but still not worth the price difference).
The $25 Gucci Belt Dupe You NEED

Sizing Reference

I am typically a size 4 or small and I purchased the 110 cm. However, I probably should have gone with the size down. When I wear it around my waist on the smallest hole, it is a little big (I will probably punch a new hole) and I have to wear it on one of the smallest holes around my hips.

If you’ve had your heart set on the infamous Gucci belt but couldn’t bring yourself to take the plunge, I’ve got you covered.

The $25 Gucci Belt Dupe You NEED

*I did notice that they’ve got some notifications on the product page right now that weren’t there when I purchased. Plus, when I purchased it was Prime eligible and only $16. It seems they sold out during the holidays and are trying to restock; I wouldn’t let it deter you from purchasing! This is the exact product listing from which I bought.*


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