Are the Summer Fridays Masks Worth the Hype?

Are the Summer Fridays masks worth all the hype? Read on for my honest reviews of each and my take on their Insta fame.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the masks. Between the vintage-inspired tubes and the A+ branding, the Summer Fridays masks were made to be shared on the gram. And shared they were! Everyone jokes about how Instagram is so orange these days, but last year when the Jet Lag mask launched, it was all blue!

It seems every #influencer is hawking the product which makes it hard to tell: is it actually incredible or is it just the new “it” thing and no one wants to be left out? You’re left trying to determine if items or services are actually worth purchasing or if they are being looked at through rose colored glasses because they are sponsored or gifted.

Today I’m sharing my (always honest) thoughts on all three of the Summer Fridays masks, which ones are worth it, which ones aren’t, and why I’m a fan of the brand.

Are they worth it?

Yes and no, but for the most part: yes. Read on for my thoughts on each.

Jet Lag Mask

The OG mask that Summer Fridays launched with that took social media BY STORM. I’m here to tell you: it’s worth the craze!

We were traveling somewhere and my skin was super dry, so we popped into a Sephora and I asked for a sample of the Jet Lag Mask. Instead of applying a thick layer as a mask and then washing off, that night I applied a thinner layer as a moisturizer and slept in it. I woke up with dewy, bouncy skin that felt amazing and back to normal! I’ve since bought the full size and always take it with me when I’m traveling (between recycled air on the plane and the climate in new destinations, traveling always dries out my skin) and I can always count on it to come in clutch.

Overtime Mask

I was 100% influenced to try the Overtime Mask after my friend Bri raved about it on Instagram stories. I walked over to the Sephora by my apartment that very night and got a sample! Her recommendation did not disappoint because this is another one that is worth the hype and I’ve since bought the full size.

While I typically don’t like pumpkin things, the autumnal scent of this mask is intoxicating in the best possible way. The product feels like its doing its job while still being a gentle exfoliant – it’s not too gritty like many other exfoliating products on the market. Skin is left smooth and glowing!

If I could recommend just one of these, it would be the Overtime Mask!

R+R Mask

The most expensive of the bunch and the only one I do not think is worth the hype. The ground rose flowers look so ethereal floating in the clear gel and it smells lovely – like a bouquet of fresh flowers – but the idea of the product lightly exfoliating while then soaking your skin in nourishing oils… you’re better off just applying an oil and not going through the hassle of having to scrub flower bits off your face. It isn’t “bad” by any means, I just don’t think the R+R Mask is worth any sort of excessive praise.

Why I’m a Fan

Most importantly, the ingredients are pretty clean. In a perfect world I would like them to get rid of the phenoxyethanol but that’s the only thing on the ingredient list I have a hesitation about so I feel pretty good about it – they got the stamp of approval to be “Clean at Sephora” after all!

The price point is reasonable. The three masks are priced between $44 and $52 (or you can try the mini Jetlag mask for just $25!) which is a fairly attainable price point, especially considering the amount of product in each tube.

I appreciate that the founders (two women!) have been slow and intentional with their product offerings. They launched in early 2018 with just one product: the Jet Lag Mask. Since then they’ve only introduced two more: the Overtime Mask and the R+R Mask. It is clear that they are playing the long game and want to ensure they are only releasing quality products.

*Of course, skincare is extremely personal so what works for one person may not work for the next. That means I can’t guarantee that these products will rock your world, but I can at least confidently say that the hype is well-founded and not simply an influencer craze.

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