16 Places I’m Mentally Escaping To Right Now.

Going on what feels like week 48 of quarantine and I've been finding myself daydreaming like crazy! Here are 15 places I'm so grateful to have had the chance to visit that I've found myself mentally escaping to lately.

Pretty sure we can all agree that things are weird right now. But to be honest, things have been weird since our move to Kansas City.

We knew when we relocated that travel would be seriously decreased (RIP flight benefits, we miss you American Airlines!) but we still planned to make it a priority as we have our whole relationship.

But then we found out I was pregnant – due date smack dab in the middle of Summer – meaning that we wouldn’t be able to travel basically all the best months of the year. A few months before and a few months after, that left us with very little of the year to work with, but we planned some trips regardless for the first part of the year.

Then to add to it all COVID-19 hit and that trip to Florida got cancelled and potential trips back to Dallas got put on hold. At this point, it’s looking like we won’t be going anywhere until late Fall at the earliest; we are currently throwing around ideas for Christmas which is still 7 months away – ha!

On the one hand this has saved us a TON of money (which has essentially gone straight to the house #homeownerproblems) but mentally I’m getting stir-crazy. Like I said, I had prepared myself to travel less, but I hadn’t prepared to not travel at all… for an entire year!

Lately, I’ve found myself escaping in my mind back to places I’ve visited over the years.

Places that were good to me.

Places that brought me a sense of peace and happiness – because that’s what I’m craving these days.

16 of those places that I’ve found myself daydreaming of these past couple weeks…

Tulum, Mexico

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Santa Barbara, California

Capri, Italy

30A, Florida

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Newport, Rhode Island


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More about Switzerland and our European road trip HERE

Woodstock, Vermont

Austin, Texas

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Banff, Canada

Charleston, South Carolina

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Dallas, Texas

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Normandy, France

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Sonoma, California

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When I sat down to think about it, I noticed a theme that most are places in nature. You know I love me a good city scene and would typically pick a trip to a bustling metropolis over a beach vacation, but right now the idea of that busy-ness is stressing me out.

Where are you mentally escaping to these days?


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