My Top Purchases of 2020 – for the Kids.

Can't get over the perfection that is these Bella Bliss Bayshore swim trunks for my little guy. Short (well above the knee), fantastic stretch so they are no struggle to get on and off, and fantastic quality. Size up one so they fit for two Summers!

Yes, it is halfway through May and I’m still posting 2020 favorites. Pretend for a moment that I’m not super far behind in all things related to life right now because while these may be 2020 favorites, I promise they are just as good this year!


Native Shoes

It took me a while to come around to the Natives. I saw them on EVERY child so I knew there must be something there, but they look kind of funny and they seemed absurdly expensive for glorified water shoes. So I tried multiple pairs of dupes first and they all fell short. Very short. So I finally broke down and got the real deal and haven’t looked back.

While at first I thought they looked strange, they grew on me and I now think they are darling. Add to that, the material is super soft and easy to get on, the perforation is perfect for hot Summer days, and they work for all activities, no shoe-change necessary. They do run small though, so be sure to size up.

Tip: Try browsing Facebook Marketplace – there are usually tons of options on there in varying conditions!

Adidas Romper

For reasons I do not understand, the window of time in which it is socially acceptable to wear bubbles and rompers is far too slim. So when I saw this Adidas romper last year I snagged it so quickly and had sure he wore the heck out of it. Seeing those thighs hanging out of the short little legs on it made my heart flutter. Beyond being absolutely adorable, it was also incredibly comfortable for him and easy to play in! I am so glad it’s still available and in fact also available in a few more colorways and even on sale! Would also be so cute for a little girl with a big bow.

Putting my little guy in all the rompers and bubbles I can before it's no longer allowed! This Adidas shortie cotton romper is the cutest athletic look I've ever seen and so comfortable for play!

Bella Bliss Pajamas

Children’s pajamas are my weakness. There I said it! Bella Bliss has the most adorable prints that feel age-appropriate without being kitschy. They are pricey though, so I always wait for a sale. I especially love the henley and short sets – something about little boys in henleys just does it for me.

Hanna Andersson Holiday and Character Pajamas

All of Hanna Andersson’s pajamas are fantastic – the quality is unmatched – but I especially love them for their holiday and character pajamas. The holiday designs are always festive while being understated and while I’m not usually one for character-themed wear, since our little guy’s nickname is Snoop I’m a sucker for anything Snoopy and they always have cute Peanuts designs that aren’t too cheesy.

These are pajamas that are meant to be hand-me-downs. Like I said, the quality is unmatched. Wash after wash, they never loose their shape and the color never fades. The fabric is thick while still being stretchy so that all of Joe’s pairs from last year still fit him even though he’s outgrown many other brands.

It’s also great that all their designs are unisex so you can get matching pairs for all the kiddos!

Bella Bliss “Bayshore” Swim Trunks

Finding boys swim trunks (and shorts!) that don’t hang so low they remind me of the early 2000s is far more difficult than it should be. To make it even more difficult, swim trunks that have enough stretch that you can get them on and off a toddler to change their diaper. Haha, honestly it’s a struggle getting a wet swimsuit back on and I know you know what I’m talking about.

I stumbled upon a pair of Bella Bliss swim trunks by happenstance when I was browsing my favorite children’s boutique in town (The Little House in Fairway for any KC locals). Not only were they darling, but they felt so great. Stretchy, almost soft (?) and short – praise be! I think they probably fit pretty true to size, but I did size up so we could get two Summers out of them and they fit just fine!

I do also have one of their one-pieces for Elle and I fully appreciate that it has snaps at the bottom! See above regarding the struggle to get wet swimsuits back on following a diaper change. I did find the girl’s swimsuit to fit small though. I know Elle is a chunky one, but the 12M was already pretty small for our Florida trip when she was 8 months. I’d recommend sizing up!

Carhartt Beanie

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Carhartt has made a brilliant comeback in the last few years. Truly never saw that coming.

This beanie is just so sweet. I love little kids in adult things (like button downs, loafers, etc) so that’s probably why I think this beanie is so cute. It’s warm, soft, goes with everything, and makes my little guy look like a big kid.

Love a little guy in a Carhartt beanie - equal parts adorable and functional!

Baby and Toddler Uggs

If you live somewhere cold, I think these are a must. I am a pretty laid back mom but I fear my children’s feet being cold more than most things. Perhaps it’s a strange fear, or perhaps it’s a valid concern. Aside from being absolutely adorable, little Uggs put me at ease knowing the kids won’t be cold. Because cold toesies are the worst.

Note: You can usually find pre-owned pairs in good to great condition on Poshmark! That’s where I got both the kids’ this year!

Amazon Bows

Two sets of bows from Amazon that deserve a shoutout: these smaller linen ones and these bigger grosgrain ones. Both of these are multi-packs at shockingly low prices and the quality on both is fantastic! I really loved the linen ones when Elle was younger (they now look a little dinky on her bigger head) and the grosgrain ones slipped off her head when she was littler but now are our daily go-to.

One thing to note: If you put headbands like the linen ones with a nylon strap on newborns, they will likely end up with an indentation around their head. Matt freaked out thinking they were way too tight which confused me because they are so soft and stretchy! Turned out it’s just because newborns’ heads are so soft that anything like that will leave a mark. Your child is fine, but wanted to forewarn you so you don’t freak out like we did! For newborns, we preferred the Baby Bling headbands, which brings me to…

Baby Bling Headbands

Like headbands with their thick straps are perfect for newborns! They are more expensive, but they are fantastic. Super soft, super stretchy, these can actually grow with them! They are a different look than a traditional grosgrain headband but personally I think they are darling.

Loved these Bella Bling Bow Head Wraps so much when baby girl was little. Most other bows slipped off or left marks on her soft head while these stayed put and were so comfortable!

H&M Cami Bodysuits

If you can catch these in stock, BUY THEM ASAP. H&M really needs to work on their stocking issues because I swear they miss out on millions of dollars of revenue because everything is constantly out of stock.

Anyways… if you’ve got a little girl, these are a MUST. There is nothing worse than going through all the effort to wrangle them into a onesie, then into an outfit, only to realize the neckline of their outfit is slightly different and you can see the onesie peeking out!

The neckline and thin straps on these cami bodysuits make all those problems a thing of the past. No worrying about white onesie peeks at the neckline and no issues to be seen with sleeveless dresses or tops. Praise be!

As an added bonus, they look darling on their own with some little bloomers or shorts.

Beaufort Bonnet Bubble

My absolute favorite piece I bought Elle. I have it packed away in her “Elle Keepsakes” box in the basement with hopes and dreams that one day she will have a little girl and dress her in it. It’s that sweet!

This exact design isn’t available anymore but it appears the style still is, just with a slightly different look. There’s something about the shape of it with the ruffled sleeves that melts me. Plus, Beaufort Bonnet pieces are all such high quality, they are made to last.

This bubble is the piece I cherish the most that I bought for baby girl. Something about the sleeves on it, the collar, and the darling embroidery do it for me. It is the Biltmore Bubble by The Beaufort Bonnet Company and while this exact design is no longer available, it seems they re-release the style in a new design each year!

The North Face Perrito Jacket

There are certain items that only make sense to splurge on in certain circumstances. If we had still lived in Texas, a North Face jacket would have been overkill, but having moved back to Kansas City – where it gets COLD – it was something well worth the investment. Especially while Joey was still so young that he couldn’t talk to tell us if he was too cold, I was always afraid of accidentally not dressing him warm enough. Knowing he was in a quality coat put my mind at ease.

We sized up so that he could wear it for two years and that worked perfectly. He wasn’t totally swallowed by it that first Winter, but it still fit perfectly the second year. What’s even better is that this particular style is reversible, so you essentially get two jackets in one!

Hot tip: buying in the off season can get you a serious discount! A lot of prints and colorways of this exact jacket are over 50% off right now simply because they are not in season.

Toys, Home and Accessories

Stroller Gloves

If there is one thing you buy – make it these stroller gloves! Everyone will make fun of you but you won’t care one bit as you push your child happily in the cold temps while your hands are cozy as can be.

I know it may seem a bit *much*. “I can just wear gloves MK, what’s the big deal?” Yes you could but a) I can promise you your gloves won’t be as warm and comfortable as these and b) when your child needs a snack or you get a text you need to respond to, and you have to remove those gloves before you can attend to anything else, you’ll wish you had the ease of simply slipping your hands in and out of these fluffy pillows.

If you live somewhere chilly, you NEED these Amazon stroller gloves. Trust, order, and thank me later.

Skip Hop Activity Table

This table was a Godsend for at least a few months – Elle LOVED it! Moms will feel me on this one: it was amazing because it kept her entertained and contained. She’d happily play in it for 30 minutes, giving us time to get ready, prepare dinner, etc.

It’s especially great because it grows with your baby. The footrest height is adjustable, and once baby is pulling themselves up, you can place the footrest on the top of the table (it fits right in where the seat is) and it becomes a play table! So while pricey, I appreciate that it converts.

Tip: this is another one to check Facebook Marketplace for if you’re open to buying one used. That’s where we found ours and it saved us a bit!

The Skiphop activity table has been worth every penny - keeps baby girl entertained for SO long and grows with her!


One of Joe’s favorite Christmas gifts, these MagnaTiles were a huge hit. They are easy to use with super strong magnets, he can create endless designs (which he then loves to knock over aggressively, rinse and repeat), and because of the magnets they are super easy to clean up and store.

Get your toddlers some MagnaTiles if you haven't already. These magnetic blocks are so fun for them and can easily be thrown in your bag for entertainment on the go - even on an airplane!

Pehr Sheets

My absolute favorite sheets! I love this brand for honestly everything, clothing, bedding, decor. I love that it’s all the softest organic cotton and appreciate that the designs are fun and whimsical without being “childish” – it feels a bit more elevated while still being fun and age-appropriate. It’s also really great that their prints are available in a wide range of categories. You can get the same print in crib sheets as onesies as swaddle blankets, etc which makes for sweet consistency. Also their off-white base and soft colorways mix and match very easily.

We have the Peek-a-Boo print sheets and duvet cover for Joe, and the Jolie bow print sheets for Elle. I also really love the Strawberry Fields, Love Bugs, Celestial, and of course the classic stripes and gingham. I’ll likely go with one of those for baby #3!

We love Pehr bedding in this house! Thoroughly appreciate that they are organic cotton, wash so well, and are whimsical without being too childish.

Mini Bottles

This time around we bought the mini version of the bottles we use and I’m so glad we did. Not only did it just seem like a more reasonable size when mixing up 2 or 4 ounces of milk, but I think it is a factor to why Elle didn’t have as much gas and discomfort as Joey did after eating, because there is less room for excess air!

The mini Philips Avent bottles are amazing for the newborn stage, no more carrying around huge bottles to only fill them with 2 ounces. Also, less excess air = less gas pains for baby!

Clear Stackable Bow Organizer

The best way to organize bows! I love that there are three separate compartments so I can dedicate one each to different styles.

If you've got a little girl, these clear acrylic stackable bow organizers are so handy. It has three compartments so you can separate the different types of bows.

Namebubbles Bottle Labels

These customizable bottle labels are a must-have, especially if your child is in daycare where you have to write their name on their bottles every day. These are dishwasher safe, super easy to apply, and so fun to make! There are tons of shapes, designs, and color options – it’s so fun to play around on their site! And these labels aren’t just for bottles, you can stick them to your child’s lunchbox, sports gear or toys, too!

They can be purchased on Amazon but there are more designs available on their direct site.

Hot tip: if you have the Philips Avent Natural Flow bottles, the circular labels fit perfectly in the indentation on the side. I’ve gotten questions before about how I got “custom” bottles – the labels make them look legit!

The Namebubbles bottle labels are GAME-CHANGERS! No more misplacing our bottles and no more having to write baby's name on bottles for daycare every single day - score.

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